Monday, 12 March 2012

Sam's BIG News

I ummed and ahhed for ages over whether or not to announce this on the blog, but after the support you all gave me after reading this, one of my first ever posts, it felt only right...

Anyway, I am so so relieved to finally be able to say: I'm going to be a MUMMY! I am the most impatient person in the world, so keeping it secret(ish) has been a nightmare!

There are probably many of you who already guessed (I like to moan), and then there are also those I've already blabbed to, but yes...I'm pregnant, and hubby and I are currently on cloud nine. We are literally ready to BURST with happiness. Sickening, right?

Baby Hadadi is due mid-September, so while it's all very very exciting, please allow for some occasional whining from my end. Pregnancy is HARD work!

I'm already in maternity clothes (eek!) and spending a small fortune. So, every time I post a new High Street hit list, I'm now doing it through gritted teeth!

And if I ever needed any indication of what our baby is going to grow up to be like, we saw Kate Middleton and the Queen as soon as we left the scan...little princess / prince probably doesn't begin to cover it. Oh, and here he/she is already giving a royal wave...

Sam and Bump x