Saturday, 31 March 2012

Our Little Black Book - Jimbobart

Now and again whilst perusing the pages of Etsy you can find a real gem and today I am going to share with you a real treasure which is James Ward's shop - Jimbobart - the drawer of things on things.

Jimbobart sells a range of ceramics that are fun and centred around animals either protecting, stealing, eating or asking politely for your food. All items are hand drawn by James himself.

James studied Illustration at Westminster University in London where he developed a love of working in pen and ink. He has experimented with a range of mediums in illustration, but it was only after a visit to Sweden, inspired by the huge range of natural history surface design on furnishings and homewares, that he began experimenting with ceramics. James creates a new character every couple of weeks, and loves receiving feedback for his new designs.

And here at I Am Into This we adore all of his creations! Every single plate and cup has really brought a smile to our faces. Jimbobart is ace if you are looking for something unique, cool and quirky.

Next time you have a dinner party, wouldn't it be fab to serve some food from one of these 14 inch oval servers? 

badger plate

jimbobart bear plate

And is their anything more entertaining than one of these 7.5 inch side plates? We doubt it. Here's just some of our favourite ones:

jimbob art

cake crusader

badger art plate

bear in pants, cake plate

jimbob plate

mouse plate, jimbobart

panda plate, cake

goat plate


handpainted plates

sheep plate, bra on sheep

racoon plate

rabbit plate

Yes, there are quite a few of the plates which we love and there are plenty more amazing designs over at Jimbobart.

Also, there are these stacker cups which come in two different sizes, espresso or coffee. And we love the first set below; we think the expression on the bear's face is hilarious. Nothing better than waking up in morning to have a coffee with a p*ssed off looking bear.

jimbobart cups

But then we are quite partial to a bit of Mr Fox looking so dapper too….

creature cups

There are many more items and other designs which James has created which are all worthy of a look so head over to Jimbobart to admire his brilliant work.

Teresa x