Monday, 26 March 2012

No Pain, No Gain

Today I am walking around my house like John Wayne holding an invisible beachball under each armpit. No joke!

Yes...yesterday I did not have the pleasure of a nice lie in on a Sunday morning because I was pumping iron at a body pump class at my local gym.

My friend has been a fitness fanatic for over five years, she goes circuit training, body pump and running every week. However, she is now attending Body Attack on a Saturday morning as well (weirdo) and she loves it!

In true Drill Sergeant style, she frogmarched me to her Body Pump class on a Sunday morning. I arrived very bleary-eyed with prominent indented creases all over my face from being taken out of my bed only minutes earlier. And to add further insult to injury I realised that the clocks had gone forward therefore the 10am start was really 9am old time.

The room was full of finely sculpted men and ladies who were hungry for a bit of punishing exercise, whereas I was struggling to even stand up, let alone do lunges, squats or anything else. I was there in my leggings and plain white T-shirt (may I add nice loose baggy one from Steve's wardrobe) surrounded by lipstick and lycra. It was clearly evident I was an alien to this sort of thing.

My friend placed a step, a mat and some weights in front of me along with a large sports bottle of water. The music started and, all of a sudden, we were squatting while holding these weights and doing some sort of rowing action. My goodness it hurt!! I kept looking across at everyone else who seemed to be managing all of this with great ease, whilst I was wobbling under the strain. I gritted my teeth and kept picturing myself in a bikini looking either fit and toned or wobbly and frumpy. I persevered.

After a harsh 45 minutes of bicep curls, lunges and squats we had to 'Walk the Plank'. I had never heard of this and thought yeah I'll give it a go. Bloomin' eck, this is a killer!

walk the plank, fitness and health

We had to get into a similar position as this lady above, but we used a step to place our feet on. We then had to take our left foot and place it down at the left side of the step followed by doing the same with the right foot to the right side of the step. You then have to pick up your left foot and place back on the step and do the same with your right foot. Repeating this over and over again whilst maintaining the plank position with your arms on the mat. It is sadistic to say the least.

After doing about four of these, I collapsed spread-eagled on the floor unable to resume the plank position because my arms were still aching from the bicep curls. The instructor was giggling at me as I pathetically tried to regain my composure. My face was beetroot red but, alas, I managed to place my jelly legs back onto the step and resumed the position ready to 'Walk the Plank' again.

Once we had completed this hellish exercise and did some stretches, it was finally the end of the lesson. Thank God! All the other ladies were buzzing and I was slightly downhearted at my lack of strength and capability to keep up with everyone else in the class. I was pleased that I went and I shall be going again; I must be mad but, sadly, no pain, no gain! And believe me I am feeling the pain today. I am unable to lift my arms because my biceps and triceps have gone on strike after abusing them so much yesterday morning. Brushing my teeth and taking a shower this morning was very difficult.

Feeling very sorry for myself on a Monday morning.

Teresa x