Sunday, 18 March 2012

NOT Into This

Here's what we have NOT been into this week:

1.   The trickery of this darn weather. Everyday I am fooled by the bright skies and sun glaring through
      my bedroom window that it is going to be warm. So, I pull out some pretty summery number from
      my wardrobe and set off out for the day. Within seconds I run back into the house to grab a thick  
      warm coat.

2.   Vet bills. Suddenly having two cats and one dog wasn't such a good idea.

3.   Screw top wine bottles. All the fun has gone now there is no longer a cork to remove and don't you
      think the screw tops kinda cheapens the whole wine thang?

4.   Creme eggs have definitely shrunk.

5.   Opening a bag of crisps to only find one mouthful's worth in the packet.

6.   People with dirty fingernails, eugh, makes my stomach turn. Wash your hands you dirty person!

7.   People who order bottles of wine, extra side orders, dessert and a liqueur coffee and then insist on
      splitting the bill when you've only had two courses and a diet coke.

8.   Teenagers who walk around with their phones on loud speak blaring out music. Headphones were
      invented for a reason!

9.   Over-familiar conversing. Do NOT call me darling, sweetheart or love. Only my nearest and dearest
      can call me these names, no one else.

10. These things. I cannot refer to them as a shoe, pump or trainer. They are just some 'thing' which
      makes your feet look similar to Mickey Mouse's gloved hands. Yuck!

NOT into this, weird shoes,

Thank you to @WhosqueenCW for contributing a moan towards some of our frustrations this week. 

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend! And remember, do share your gripes with us and we may feature them in our next NOT Into This post.

Teresa x

P.S  Wishing all of our readers a Happy Mothers Day!! 
       And an extra special Happy Mummy-to-be day for Sam xxxx