Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bag Servant - Spring Bags to Drool Over

We have Hannah from the wonderful Bag Servant to thank for this guest post! If you haven't already heard of Bag Servant, do give them a visit - their site is jam-packed with beautiful bags that we love to ogle (read: drool over)!

Looking at the lovely Hannah's pick of spring bags and accessories has really brightened our day (and made us pray for a lottery win...) - just how gorgeous are they?

I hope you enjoy reading about them just as much as us! 

Sam and Teresa xx


I am so excited to start bulk buying pastel colours, not least because this winter seems to have dragged on for so much longer than usual, but because these soft candy colours are so much more alluring than last season’s in-your-face brights.

Although the fashionistas will tell you it’s all about colour blocking (lemon yellow on baby pink, on mint green, on sky blue, until you look like a pack of Love Hearts) I think it works just as well to pick one or two key candy coloured pieces and pair them with wardrobe classics.

For me, next season is all about flowing maxi skirts teamed with loose jersey tops, ankle grazing jeans with patterned blouses, and plenty of wedge heels.

If you’re feeling shy about a splash of colour in your wardrobe, test-run it with accessories. Choose a pretty nail varnish or enamel bangle, or, choose the ultimate accessory – a handbag.

Take a look at these beauties for a little bit of inspiration, I’m really excited about all the oversized clutches around at the moment, and yes, you can wear them during the day. It takes a few attempts to get used to ditching the kitchen sink, but once you have, I can assure it’ll make you feel instantly glam (even if you’re suffering the mother of all hangovers).

every colour for a handbag

bag servant, handbag for spring,

I’m juggling between that warm apricot tone, or a punchy lemon yellow as my favourite. Either way they’re getting me firmly set into holiday mood – make mine a Margarita.

All these bags are available to buy on BagServant.co.uk