Thursday, 22 March 2012

Fancy a Cuppa?

It's fair to say I do love a good cuppa! Twinings English Breakfast is my most go-to teabag but I also love a nice refreshing ginger and lemon tea. However, I always start the day with a nice fresh mug of coffee, courtesy of my husband who brings me one every morning - yes this is one of the reasons why I married him!

But as much as I love a brew, I am rather partial to a cool cup, whether it be something quirky, pretty or rather unusual. I am not one for a matching set of mugs; I like my cupboards with an array of colours and styles. And if you visit my home I will choose a mug which I think is specific to you. I think Samantha does the same because quite often she gives me a hot drink in a Little Miss Chatterbox cup whenever I go to her house.

Below is a selection of some cups and mugs which you may fancy buying. I have started with these simple yet stylish ones. Most men will receive a Le Creuset mug when they come to my house. I think they are a man's mug.
Plain Mugs 1

I love this swallows mug and shall be popping to John Lewis on my next shopping trip to buy it.
Animal/Bird Mugs

Floral cups I keep for female visitors only. I love a pretty flower and these ones really take my fancy....
Floral mugs

And what's a fine china cup without a saucer?
Cup and Saucer

Something a bit more retro.....can you remember the Ladybird books? I read all of them when I was at school. (Yes, I am showing my age!!) and I am feeling rather nostalgic when I look at this Ladybird mug.

Retro Cups

How about something which makes a statement? I particularly love this first cup because it's exactly what my Grandma used to say to me when I was little. I still love hearing birds (even the ones which have taken root in my roof guttering and are tweeting at 6 o'clock every morning!)

And I don't think anything makes a statement more than the Versace gold cup. Now this cup is definitely for any diva who visits your home.
pretty & unusual mugs

So, which one are you thinking of buying? I can see at least three which may have to be added to my cup collection in the very near future!

Teresa xx