Saturday, 10 March 2012

Little Black Book - Hatton and Harding

When I was younger, I used to avoid the high street like the plague. In fact, I used to loathe it.

In those blissful, bygone days (don't worry, I'm no OAP!) there were so many independent stores and shops around. I loved to rummage through them, only surfacing for air once I'd found some amazing homeware or fashion finds.

However, fast forward ten or so years (I'm really ageing myself here, aren't I?!) and those shops have all but disappeared.

While this makes me a little sad, a little full of longing, it's turned me into a bit of a treasure hunter. Now, whenever I visit somewhere new, I make it my mission to unearth a hidden gem and to share it with you via our Little Black Book.

But while us discovering a shop we love ISN'T rare, the wonderful Hatton and Harding surpasses every single one of our expectations. In fact, they set new standards entirely of their own - how often do you discover a shop where you fall just as much in love with the owners as you do the pieces they sell?!

Hatton and Harding is set in the sleepy, historic town of Warwick (easily accessible for Londoners wanting a weekend escape, and perfect for pretty much anyone else!) and sells a gorgeous, elegant array of luxury homeware. It's even set in a stunning, red-brick building. As soon as you walk up to it, you can tell you're about to enter somewhere special.

Not only do they stock the entire Mulberry interiors range (words cannot describe how much I want it ALL!) but they also have top-of-the-range furniture, stunning pictures and eclectic trinkets. And if it's pampering you're after, there's some luscious Cowshed goodies too...

Honestly, after just one visit, this made its way onto my top ten shops of ALL TIME. That's just how good it is...even my husband loved the items they were selling, and he despises shopping with a passion. We could have spent a small fortune in there.

But don't just take my word for it. David and Jerry, the two owners, may have only been running the shop for 14 months, yet they've already been crowned runners-up in the Telegraph's best small shops this year...some going, eh?

Sam x

You can visit Hatton and Harding at 13A Old Square in Warwick, or you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter.
You know how much I love my cool are these book ends?
The most gorgeous wooden dressing table and mirror, with a fab array of trinkets on top!

Antique silk print 'LOVE' picture
I am desperate for someone to buy me this beautiful Mulberry chair! The fabric it's covered with is even better than it feels like silk. Gorgeous.
Mulberry cushions and blanket...if only I could win the lottery...

And if the last chair didn't tickle your fancy, check out this beauty! (Also Mulberry) You can choose the fabric and colour you want, but I love the sumptuous grey velvet.

Retro trunks...I need some of these to hide my husband in when he's annoying me!

Fit for a princess

Brilliant for hanging up any stray jewellery!

A gorgeous, rustic-looking cake stand - perfect for anyone out there who doesn't do "pretty"!

 I love these glass jars. I want to buy one of the large ones and pop my favourite shoes inside...they're a great way of showcasing your favourite bits and bobs!

Eclectic bits and pieces...I love the random things you can find in Hatton and Harding!

A gorgeous wooden mirror that would be sure to make an impression in your hallway. Even better if you have a chandelier in view...