Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Photo Perfect for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is the one day in your life where you want to look your absolute best, picture perfect. You are going to get photographed, a lot!

This was a big worry for me when I was getting married 17 months ago. At 34 years of age I knew my face was starting to sag and the lack of sleep was certainly starting to show through. Getting older is such a bitch.

So, what was I going to do? Wear a bag over my head? Nope, unless it looked a lot like a veil.

I chose to consult a beauty therapist and this in itself was a daunting task because I had never stepped foot in a beauty salon before. Once I plucked up the courage I soon realised it wasn't all that bad, the owner Emily of M's Beauty was lovely and gave me some great advice on which treatments would be best for my dropping face.

Who Needs Botox Not Me?

I chose to have Silhouette Dermalifts - a non-surgical facelift which uses microcurrents of infinitely adjustable timed pulses and frequencies of a chosen wave form, gently applied through specially designed facial probes. all without the use of surgery!

You start off on a low setting and after four appointments they crank it up to Level 6 however most ladies find it uncomfortable to have this high setting when they are treated around the eye area therefore reduce it back to Level 5. Except for me that is, I'm a freak.

For some strange reason I didn't experience any strange or uncomfortable sensations and during my appointments they turned it up to Level 8 and I could even manage Level 7 around my eye area. The owner of the beauty salon, Emily, said she has never had a client with such a high pain threshold. But I seriously don't think it was due to this, I honestly couldn't feel anything, no pain, nothing. This left Emily feeling rather puzzled:

Emily "Have you ever suffered any nerve damage?"
Me "No"
Emily "Have you ever had any sort of injury to your face?"

Me "No"

Emily "What are your reflexes like?"

Me "Fine, I jerk and jump out of my skin at the slightest thing."

Emily "Are you sure you are not feeling any sort of discomfort?"

Me "Absolutely positive, all I can feel is you rubbing the probes on my skin."

Emily "Well, this is really odd. I cannot understand why you are not experiencing the same reaction as other ladies do."

Me "Maybe I literally am thick skinned."

Emily "I think your brain just isn't receiving any messages to tell it that this is painful."

Me "Am I weird then?"

No reply.

After six sessions of the non-surgical facelift my face was definitely more toned, especially on my forehead and around my eyes. I loved it!

After these twice weekly treatments all I needed to do was top it up once a month to keep my face the same. However, once my wedding was over I didn't carry on with it because I simply could not afford to but I would love to have it done again and maintain it forever.

So what did the Dermalift do for me?

By no means was I looking like Joan Rivers - now that would be frightening - but my face did feel like it had had a workout and felt more taut. I definitely noticed my eyes looked more awake and my skin was a lot tighter in this area too. And the best bit? I didn't look like I have had Botox because I could still frown.

I was very pleased with the results and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to lie down for 90 minutes without any interruptions; except for when I had to run out of the treatment room with gel plastered all over my face and a towel strategically placed around my top half in an emergency dash for the toilet. This was much to the amusement of the groups of ladies who had congregated in the lounge area.

And relax

Stress definitely took its toll on me in the run up to my wedding so I also booked myself in for a back massage a week before the big day. I cannot recommend this enough!

So, what are all you lovely ladies doing to maintain your lovely looks and become picture perfect?

And how are you managing the effects of wedding planning and the unfortunate stress which comes with it?

Yours with resumed saggy face and rather tight shoulders

Teresa xx