Monday, 19 March 2012

TATTOOS - Cool or Stupid?

I did contemplate writing about tattoos months ago but was unsure whether it would be received well. Just because I like something doesn’t mean everyone else is going to and tattoos are very individual and down to personal taste. But, after a conversation on Twitter with some of our readers I have decided to write a post, because it would seem quite a few of you are quite accustomed to a bit of ink too.


Tattoos. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are popular. When I was growing up tattoos were really only ever associated with punkrockers: the social outcasts with bad attitudes. Many mothers would cross their children to the other side of the street to avoid these intimidating characters.

tattoo discussion

I was very curious about punkrockers, I used to stare at them, a lot! 

Their styling was aggressive, rebellious and reflected their anti-authoritarian ideologies. I was in awe of their bravery, because at 5 years old I knew my Mum would have killed me if I had shaved my hair and sported a pink spiky mohican down the centre. (I abusively styled my Girls World’s hair instead!) 

Since the 1980s, we as a nation have become more accepting of people who express themselves through their appearance. No longer are we shocked to see a teenager with a face full of piercings or a man wearing eyeliner. And more than anything, we don’t bat an eyelid at seeing more people with tattoos. 

So, why have opinions changed?

Did David Beckham start a trend of making tattoos cool? Because I do not think anyone on this planet takes offence to seeing him without a top on. I know I don’t!! 

For me, some people really know how to work a tattoo and look bloody ace and then there are another group of people who just follow the trend and have what everyone else is having (think Cheryl Cole tattoo on side of hand.)

Due to my admiration for rebellious punk rockers in my early years, it was only a matter of time before I had a tattoo. So, I waited and waited and waited.....until I was in my thirties!

Why the long wait? Because I knew that now I was a lot older that my parents couldn't tell me off, ground me or kick me out. However, announcing to my parents I was "tattooed" was soooo scary, I even took my husband along for moral support.

Before I did take the big plunge of getting a tattoo I researched it a lot! I ensured I went to a recommended tattooist and I endured a six month wait before I booked the appointment so I knew I definitely wanted the tattoo I had chosen to have. I really didn't want to regret my choice of permanent artwork.

If anyone else out there is considering getting a tattoo then maybe you will like some of these I have found on Pinterest:

bird neck tattoo,

Tramp stamps or 'twattoos', whatever you refer to them as, they are fast becoming more and more popular. So, if you would ever have a tattoo what would you choose to have?

Here's mine:

feather tattoo wrist,

Teresa x