Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Brides - Step Away from the French Manicure

Hands up who had a french manicure for their wedding day? Because Samantha and myself both did and we really regret it.

Back in 2010, we both bowed to the pressures of keeping everything 'traditional' on our wedding days instead of being ourselves. Silly isn't it? And do you know what makes it even more ridiculous? Neither of us have ever had a french manicure before or since!

So, with this in mind we want to encourage any other brides-to-be out there who are considering not going down the french manicure route to please stick to your guns. Have whatever colour you want!

I have put together some other options for you ladies depending on how extravagant you want to go. Well, when I say extravagant, I mean daring for your wedding day but totally normal for everyday living.

Pastel Nails
Soft peach, pretty pink or dreamy lilac? 

Mac nail polish
Love Mac - an earthy tone or a fresh pink?

Grey Nail Polish
There's nothing dull about this grey.

Dare to be Different?

Dare to be Different - Go Bold and Beautiful

If I was getting married this year I would be very tempted to wear either a battleship grey or a snazzy fuchsia pink.

So, anyone out there brave enough to go against the grain of neutral bridal nail colours and go for a shocking pink or a flamingo coral? I do hope so.

Teresa x