Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wedding Wednesday Finds - Advice Coasters

wedding coaster

At our wedding, my favourite memories and most treasured keepsakes were the ones which involved our guests - the guest book, the photo booth, the reading, the speeches. To me, your big day isn't just about you as a couple, but it's about celebrating with all of your loved ones.

Perhaps this is why I instantly fell in love with these advice coasters when I found them on Pinterest. I think they'd be great to place on tables at your reception, and I would love to sit down after my honeymoon and read back any witty or adorable comments my guests had made! Perfect if you've got any old couples going to your wedding too...we do love our old couples. 

Anyway, these coasters are $12 per box (plus shipping) to buy from LuckyBeePress on

Let me know if you buy any!

Sam x