Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bridesmaid Dresses - Monsoon vs Coast

Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone! The sunshine is really making us happy here at I Am Into This HQ and has certainly got us thinking more and more about weddings. And today I am delving into the world of High Street bridesmaid dresses.

Now, I could have gone anywhere, due to the fact there are a lot of shops which offer fancy frocks for our maids to wear, however there were two stores which stood out - Monsoon and Coast - the two most popular places for bridesmaid dresses.

I don't think any other high street stores can compete with the choice and availability at these two stores. They have got it nailed, hands down.

Oh, and I didn't just pick dresses from the bridesmaid way José, I looked at ALL the dresses which I felt could be strutted down the aisle on your wedding day. Here are my picks, I hope you like them.

Teresa xx


Candy Floss frocks

Monsoon 1

Bright and Bold

Monsoon 2

White Sandy Shift dress £95
Red Essouira dress £75
Yellow Claire dress £75
Cobalt Claire dress £75
Celendine dress £75

Full Length Glamour

Monsoon 3

Light and Flowy

Monsoon Flowy dresses

Elegant Florals

Monsoon Floral Dresses

Florence Sleeveless dress £69
Fusion Fraise Prom dress £65


Black and Blue


Bright and Light


Fun and Flirty

Coast Muted

Pavlova Tulle Dress £150
Thyme Floridita Dress  £135  £89
Aida Dress  £145

Sorbet Shades

Coast Sherbert Dress