Sunday, 4 March 2012

NOT Into This

It may be March and we are all feeling uplifted with the better weather, birds singing and longer daylight but there are still things which we are NOT into.  Here's our weekly moan:

1.    Women who go shopping wearing skyscraper heels.  During a visit to Selfridges in London last
       weekend I witnessed a lady tottering about in 160mm Louboutin heels. How can you shop
       wearing stilts?

2.    Hangovers. Wasn't my brightest moment having tequila slammers at a friends birthday party last
       Saturday night when I had to be up at crack of dawn to travel to London.

3.    Comb overs. You are bald, just clip the rest of your hair off and be done with it! Comb overs
       make us stare at your baldness even more. Oh and please do not grow your hair long and have a
       ponytail - Francis Rossi should not be your hair idol.

4.    There have been many occasions where I have had to leave a high street store because it's too hot in
       there and I am sweating like a pig. And there is absolutely no way I can even contemplate going into
       the stuffy changing rooms to try on any items of clothing. PLEASE stop cooking your potential
       customers because we are not going to buy anything except bottled water.

5.    Face creases. As you get older these indentations take a lot longer to disappear. So if I fall asleep
       with my face all squished I may be sporting numerous pleats or imprints for the first few hours in
       the morning.

6.    People on trains who use their bag to stop anyone sitting near them, when there are passengers
       stood up for the whole journey. If I spot you doing this then I will tell you to shift your luggage. I've
       paid for a train ticket - your bags haven't!

7.    My ironing pile. I need to get some elves to magic it away.

8.    Credit notes printed out on till receipts. I think these high street shops know we may accidentally
       lose these flimsy slips of paper.

9.    Sports bras. They serve their purpose but they are bloomin' awful looking things. It's the one
       undergarment I will not allow my husband to see me in.

10.  Royal Mail. My friend Lisa had come home to find the postman had left a parcel in a really safe
       place - the rabbit hutch!


Thank you to Lisa for sending us this photo of her half eaten mail. Silly postman!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Teresa x