Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Luxury Easter Eggs to Make you Drool

Writing this post is making my belly rumble and my mouth water (actually, let's not jazz it up - it's drooling). In fact, I may just have to go and raid my cupboard for chocolate right NOW.

We have done our research and found the best and most luxurious Easter eggs on the market. There are some gorgeous eggs on here which are almost (only almost!) too good to eat. I'm dedicating this post for all my fellow chocolate fiends, especially those who are a bit fed up of their usual Tesco BOGOF Cadbury's Buttons Easter Egg haul...

Just don't blame me when your mouth is smeared with chocolate.

Sam x

luxury chocolate egg
Banoffee pie egg, £14.99, Thorntons
cupcake easter egg
This is my favourite! They also do a white chocolate version Cupcake Easter Egg, £12.95

james chocolates egg
Chocolate button egg, James Chocolates, £17.95
And if you're looking for something just a little bit different, try these....

harrods easter egg
Harrods Cookie Easter Egg mix, £10.95

harrods custom cookie
Egg Custom Cookie Card, £7.95, Harrods