Thursday, 8 March 2012

Fabulous Finds - Gorgeous Stationery

I do love beautiful stationery. In fact, I think every girl does.

Why? Well, it reminds me of those long, hazy days during the school summer holidays. I'd sit there counting down the days until my mum would finally - FINALLY - take me shopping for my stationery. I'd wander around the shops in a daze as I picked my new pencil case, pencils, pens (gel pens in every colour, including scented and glittery ones!) and paper. It never failed to put a smile on my face, and it was always one of my favourite days of the year.

Fast forward 20 or so years, and nothing has changed. I am still every little bit as obsessed with stationery!  
In fact, place me in a branch of Paperchase and I will quickly find a way to bankrupt myself.

Anyway, for those who love a good notepad as much as I do, here are some gorgeous bits and pieces to make you smile...

Sam x

Scrabble gift wrap, £2.99, Shiny Shack - the perfect wrapping paper for all literary or word geeks like myself!
Mini notebook, £1.50, Paperchase - I love the cute face on this notepad. Perfect for popping into your handbags.

Manifesto pencils with sayings, £6.95 for 12, Another Gorgeous Day - The sayings on these pencils really make me smile. Perfect for brightening up a dull, boardroom meeting.
Manhattan Subway map tape, £9, Papermash. If you're a lazy wrapper like me, this is the perfect way to jazz up a present!
Origami letter paper, $7, Upon A Fold - Beyond cute. So cute that I'm prepared to ship it ALL the way from Aus!

Moustache paper clips, £3.75, Paperchase - who could possibly resist popping one of these onto their notes?
Likewise these...£4, Accessorize

Tracing paper envelopes, £5, Papermash - I LOVE these! Probably not the best idea for stowing away intimate love letters, but cool all the same.
Hand-stitched crown journal, £10, Paperchase For all you Princesses out there...
Memo mountains, $6.95 - What better way to write a memo than on a mountain?!
Origami notepad, £2, Artbox - This would keep me occupied for HOURS. Great if you are a doodler or a fidget like me.

Happy Orange sticky notes, £3, Asking For Trouble - so much more exciting than your regular yellow Post Its!

Large tags, £3, Papermash - Another fab way to jazz up presents
Memo block, £4.25, Paperchase - It's the faces I fell for. I regularly look like this when I have writer's block.

Present box, $6.50 - A great way to wrap any pressies to younger kids!
Boxed stamp set, £12, Papermash - Gorgeous stamps to freshen up your letters
Penguin gift wrap, £2.99, Shiny Shack - I want to wrap EVERYTHING in this. Even my husband.
You know how we love a Flamingo...£7, Accessorize
And just because I can't resist old-school glamour...the Marlene Dietrich Mont Blanc pen...