Saturday, 17 March 2012

Little Black Book -

I honestly don't know how or why I was emailed about this website, but I am SO glad that I was! I must have signed up to some junk mail by mistake but, lucky for me, it worked out well.

For those of you who are yet to hear about the fabulous, I cannot tell you just how much you need to check out this website! It is brimming with fabulous finds and stunning jewellery which will make you squeal, or at the very least shout: "OOOH!"

Boticca was launched in 2010 and showcases numerous independent fashion and jewellery designers from across the world. It allows you to unearth some real hidden talents and find unique items which you simply will not find on the high street. There are beautiful cocktail rings to choose from, as well as amazing silk scarves, stunning clutch bags and incredible necklaces. What's not to love?

Seriously, there are thousands of pieces to choose from and, while they aren't particularly cheap, I guarantee that you will fall in love with something here. And who doesn't want to rock a necklace which no one else will have? 

Sam x

P.S If you do happen to fall head over heels for an item on Boticca, this little discount code may come in handy. Simply type in GIRLMD10 to enjoy £10 off any order over £30. Don't say we never treat you!
boticca necklace
Mustard yellow triangle spike necklace...simple, yet beautiful.
boticca turquoise ring
Gorgeous turquoise and gold ring - I've always been drawn to these colours, and this would add a touch of glam to any outfit.

boticca drop earrings
Turquoise and coral earrings...these are my favourite, favourite pieces on the site. The contrast is just beautiful! 
skull bracelet
Skull bracelet in rose gold...I want one of these so that I can work a glam rocker look!

navajo bangle
Navajo stacking bangle - I love the different coloured versions of these bangles and want to buy them all so I can stack them high on my wrists!

black diamond earrings
Black and gold earrings...perfect for rocking with a blazer and slub tee, or for glomming up a favourite LBD!

triceratops necklace, triceratops pendant, dinosaur necklace,
Triceratops chain necklace - I'm not entirely sure why, but I LOVE this. I love how eccentric it is !

spiked necklace
Spike silver necklace - I NEED this. That's all I have to say. 
boticca necklace
Sunray necklace - Super glam and super pretty, ideal for adding a bit of interest to a plain tee. 
boticca clutch, electric blue clutch,
Electric blue envelope clutch...oh, this combines our two favourite things: an oversized clutch with a tassel! It also happens to be lined in neon pink for the perfect colour clash.

wooden clutch, wooden bag
Wings of freedom wooden clutch...I love how quirky this is, although I'm sure I'd end up breaking it!

boticca silk scarf
Silk scarf...I adore my scarfs. In fact, I have a mini collection. I like how they add interest to simple outfits, as well as a splash of Parisian chic.
boticca cocktail ring
Cocktail ring...perfect for adding one to every finger!