Monday, 5 March 2012

Fashion Find - Converse Sequinned Trainers

Now, let me get this clear...I am NOT a trainers girl. In fact, I loathe them. I even went through a phase of refusing to wear them to the gym, opting for Yoga pumps instead (stupid, right?)

Ever since I waved goodbye to my tomboy phase at Uni, I have felt the same way. In fact, at one point, I refused to even wear flat shoes, going only for sky-scraper, vertiginous heels.

Of course, all that changed when I did my back in. I was forced to stow away my beloved shoes in a separate room (I call it my 'shoe room' - nice and original) for special occasions only, or for when I needed cheering up. I am aware of how pathetic I'm starting to sound, don't you worry...

However, even back in my heel addiction phase, I think my eyes could have been turned by this season's new Converse trainers. Not only are these one of the few affordable things on Net-a-Porter, but they're in beautiful pastel shades and are sequinned too!

Comfort and style - what more could you ask for?

The new Converse range start at £70 and are available from here:

Sam x