Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Fashion Finds In Our Dreams

Teresa and I pretty much spend half of our life window shopping. OK, so maybe even three quarters...

Sadly, our bank accounts don't allow to buy half as much as we would like to buy. In fact, we would need to be married to Roman Abramovich to be able to afford pretty much anything that we truly fall head over heels for.

On a recent trip to London, we stumbled across so many things which left us drooling that we had to share them with you. So, as well as the gorgeous bags on the Bag Servant post this morning, we'd like to add these to the list...

If you're lucky enough to have them in your wardrobes already, it's probably best not to share it with us. We may turn into jealous, green-eyed monsters. Or perhaps even cat burglars...

Sam x

spiked Louboutin, spiked heels,
Fierce studded AND spiked Louboutin platforms...no one would dare mess with you in these beauties!

prada pastel blue
Pastel, laser-cut dresses at Prada...perfect for Springtime!

red prada handbag
Beautiful coloured bags at Prada...I'm in love with the mint green one. 
designer shopping,
The most beautiful McQueen dress...perfect for wearing to those awards ceremonies we have (also in our dreams) 
floral designer skirt
Stunning Erdem sequinned midi skirt...I would love to wear this to summer tea parties, and pretty much everywhere else. If only!
Peter Pilotto printed dresses...absolutely stunning. Now for a body like Miranda Kerr...

Gorgeous spiked strappy shoes. By Louboutin, who else?! 

And now onto designer wedding dresses for the beautiful brides-to-be...
vivienne westwood wedding dress
A beautiful draped Vivienne Westwood dress...perfect for low-key brides
erdem lace dress
Vintage-esque Erdem white lace shift dress...ideal for reception weddings and pretty much everything in between! Beautiful dress.

And just incase you thought we liked EVERYTHING, here are some things that aren't quite in our dreams...

horrid designer fashion

weird designer dress