Sunday, 25 March 2012

NOT Into This

Maybe some astrologists (if any of you actually read this blog) may be able to shed some light on all the misfortunes everyone seems to have encountered this week. Seriously, I have never known such a crap week before.

And it's not just been Samantha and myself who have endured shitty times, it would seem most of my friends have had their fair share of rubbish to deal with too. Lots of things have been dropped and smashed, milk (chocolate milk may I add) has literally been spilt all over my lounge floor; the entire contents of a brand new bottle of face toner leaked inside my favourite handbag; a catastrophic attempt at baking some hot cross buns. It really has not been a good week for us.

Anyway, here's this week's big moan:

1.   Forgetfulness. I seem to be becoming a bit of a sieve-brain recently. On Tuesday afternoon I went to
      collect my son from school and stood in the playground for over 20 minutes wondering where the
      hell he was. Then it suddenly dawned on me, he was at choir practice. Doh!

2.   Getting a flat tyre whilst driving down the M1 on Monday morning is not the best way to start the
      week.  I am now £250 lighter due to getting a very bad puncture which was beyond repair.

3.   The Budget. Is there anyone out there who is better off? I doubt it.

4.   Bras. So many girls don't seem to care about the state of their bras. I cannot stand to see grey
      (previously white) bra straps, it makes you look dirty. And even worse, a bra which is too small. Four
      tits is SO not a good look.

5.   Don't get me wrong I am a big fan of the Royal family and I will also celebrate the Diamond Jubilee
      but I am sick to death of the novelty items all the high street stores are pushing on all us common
      folk. It's everywhere and I don't like any of it!

6.   This one is pretty much the same as No.5. The Olympics novelty souvenirs. I don't want a yucky plate
      with 2012 logo printed on it thank you very much!

7.    Passport Control at airports. Yeah them people! I know they have got a very important job to do but
       why are so many of them on a massive power trip?

8.    Clocks going forward. How dare you take one of my precious hours of sleep away from me? And
       now I am going to spend the whole day thinking "Yeah, it maybe 8 o'clock but really it is 7 o'clock!"

9.    Leggings. Girls if you are going to wear leggings then there are two rules which must be adhered to.
       Firstly wear a top which covers your backside and secondly check the leggings are not see through.
       There is nothing worse than getting a good eyeful of your backend.

10.  Unnecessary flexing of muscles. You know the ones who do it, men! And there is nothing worse
       than seeing a bodybuilder type walking around with invisible rolls of carpets under each arm acting
       all 'hard'. Men who are extreme bodybuilders are an eyesore, it's not natural and all I think is
       "I bet you flex your pecs in time to music to impress your girlfriend".

muscle freak

And as always, if you would to share your moans, rants or gripes with us, then please feel free to drop us a line and we may feature your grievances in our next NOT into this post.

Hope you are having a fab weekend

Teresa xx