Monday, 23 April 2012

When Only Silver Will Do - Cor Silver Soap

It is taking me AGES to write this post because, as I type, I am absent-mindedly stroking my skin. I know that that makes me sound a bit odd, but there's a reason for it - and that reason is the amazing Cor's Silver Soap. 

Given my sensitive skin, I've never been a fan of facial soaps before - I found that they upset the balance of my skin and tended to dry my face out. Yet when I heard all about Cor via Beauty Shortlist and discovered that it counts celebrities Jessica Biel, Renee Zellweger, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Scherzinger AND Sarah Jessica Parker among its fans, I just KNEW that I had to get my mitts on one of their silver soaps.

Designed to get to the core of most skin problems (think acne, ageing skin, large pores, sun spots, tackle oily skin), these tango coloured orbs are packed with Nano Silver and Silica compound. Why? Well, silver just so happens to be one of the best natural anti-bacterial agents around, while silica works like a sponge to help the skin absorb all the goodness of the soap itself. Clever huh?!

The soaps are designed to remove every last scrap of make-up (they're a one-stop shop to perfect skin!) and are delicate enough to be used on the eye area. All you need to do is rub the soap between your hands, lather onto your face and leave to work its magic before you rinse off. Simple!

Cor recommended that I used their silver soap for 7-10 days before I'd notice a difference. Yet after just a day, I was already addicted - it was easy to see why these soaps caused a mass sell-out within days of launching!

My skin felt ridiculously clean (so clean, in fact, that it actually squeaked!!), it removed every last scrap of make-up, I had a gorgeous glow and everywhere felt incredibly soft. Oh, and the soap smells amazing. So amazing that my puppy tried to devour it whole!

Step forwards a few more days and my pregnancy acne was fading into oblivion, my skin tone was more even, my oily patches were gone, and I needed to wear far less make-up. It is brilliant!

While I'm not normally one to big up expensive skincare products (I tried Creme de le Mer and HATED it), this is one that I will happily sing from the rooftops about! In fact, I am going to head over to the website and order myself a full-sized version right now.

The 10ml trial size costs £15 (it lasts for around ten days), while the three-month travel size costs £35. If you become addicted, the large ball is £100 and will last you for nine months.

Sam x

P.S If you DO want to buy a Cor soap, be sure to enter the promo code FAB20 to get yourself a 20% discount until May 4.