Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tried and Tested - Fabulous Eye Creams

A decent eye cream is something which I've long been on the hunt for because when I'm tired, I look tired - it really seems to show. I would love to be one of these women who make me green with envy. You know, the kind who wake up with dewy, glowing skin and shiny eyes.

Well, I'm most definitely not like that. I wake up looking grey and groggy. Plus, not only do my eyes go puffy, but the skin around them also goes incredibly dry. It's not a good thing when, let's face it, all you want to do is bury your dark circles and fine lines in Touche Eclat!

Anyway, I've finally called off the search after  discovering some fantastic eye creams which really do work. Better still, the cheapest starts at just £5.99! So, whatever you need an eye cream for, whether it's to banish fine lines and wrinkles, or to depuff your skin, it's in this list!

Just a word of warning - your under eye area is one of your most delicate parts, so make sure you apply any eye cream with your ring finger (just a small amount of cream will do!)

Sam x

Best on a Budget -

Bright Eyes Eye Cream, £5.99, Good Things
Sometimes, you don't need to spend hundreds upon hundreds of pounds to find a product which really and truly works. I absolutely adore the Good Things skincare range anyway (the Deep Pore Anti-Blemish cleanser is a dream), so I was delighted to give the Bright Eyes eye cream a try.

Free from any nasty ingredients, it's perfect for sensitive or delicate skins. It is also loaded with raspberry and lychee extracts to both calm and clarify the eye area, while its tri-peptide formula tackles any yucky puffiness or dark circles.

This cream does exactly what it says on the tin. Given the price, I wasn't expecting any miracles, but it definitely left my under eye area with a nice glow, while my dark circles faded into oblivion! This is a fairly light cream, so I doubt it would be suited for more mature skin, but it is ideal for younger eyes and people who simply want to reawaken their peepers. Top marks!

Best Anti-Ageing

Caudalie Premier Cru, £41.65
Ever since I first tried the Caudalie brand, I have fallen head over heels in love with it. It's one of those cult French brands which really gets to grips with problem areas - plus, it's extra gentle on the skin too!

So, it's probably no surprise that I'm always on the lookout for Caudalie's new launches. I'd long been reading good things about this eye cream and I couldn't wait to try it. Beauty editors raved about it, beauty bloggers raved about it - everyone seemed to think it was a dream!

Well, after almost six months of using it, I can confirm that I am a HUGE fan of this cream. In fact, I think this has to be one of the best purchases I've ever made - it is worth every single penny.

Along with the rest of the Caudalie range, the main ingredients in the Premier Cru eye cream are based around grape and vine extracts. These include Grapevine Resveratrol to rejuvenate the skin, Viniferine to brighten dark spots and Grape-seed Polypehnois to help prevent future damage. It also contains rich, moisturising ingredients such as avocado oil, as well as soft focus powder to illuminate and both caffeine and peptides - perfect for an eye cream!

I could happily rave about this all day because it ticks every single box you could possibly want from an eye treatment. But here's what I love the most:

  • It effectively illuminates the under eye area, meaning it conceals dark circles without the need for YSL. But, it doesn't make your skin shimmer and glitter, which I hate!
  • The cream effectively moisturises and plumps up your skin, making it look healthier and more awake - no matter how little sleep you've had.
  • It really and truly does target all visible signs of ageing. My laughter lines have faded, while puffiness is reduced.
  • The pump mechanism on the bottle means that you don't waste any product - you can squeeze out a small amount, which is perfect for popping on each time! The cream also sinks in very quickly, making this the perfect base for foundation and eye shadow.

Best for Sensitive Skin

Pai Echium Organic Eye Cream, £24

You must know by now just how much I love Pai Skincare. If not, what planet have you been living on?! Pai are a wonderful, natural brand who are every bit as lovely as their products. You see, every single one of their treatments are made with allergy-prone and sensitive skin in mind. This is ideal for people like me, who react to anything harsh or chemical.

Anyway, the Pai Echium Organic Eye Cream is a wonderful product which I've come to love just as much as their Rosehip Oil. It is rich in the natural ingredients Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) and Stearidonic Acid (keep with me!), which contain proven anti-ageing properties. Each of these ingredients work to regenerate the skin and smooth fine lines, while GLA helps to boost cell regeneration.

As with all of Pai's products, this is a supremely gentle cream which is a delight to use. It is thick and indulgent, yet blends into the skin super fast - perfect for lazy people like me who don't want to wait before applying make-up!

It moisturised my skin very effectively, while also blurring my fine lines and wrinkles. This is the ideal cream for anyone who is worried about what they're slapping onto their skin, especially on the delicate bits around the eyes. Just give this a go and I guarantee that not only will you love it, but you will also be desperate to try the rest of the Pai range!