Sunday, 1 April 2012

NOT Into This

1.   Nothing worse than not having a £1 for a trolley at the supermarket and you end up with a shopping
      basket. Shopping baskets are unpleasant wiry things which bash against the side of your leg and
      basically, get in the way! Yes I am one of those people who fits a trolleys worth into a basket and
      walks around the supermarket lopsided.

2.   Hayfever. Sneezing, streaming eyes and a stuffy headache. The slightest bit of pollen and it's
      histamine overload. Hate it.

3.   Slow walkers in a busy street. You know the ones, you are in a huge hurry and someone will be in
      front of you walking at a snail's pace and you cannot get past them.

4.   How dirty are my windows? I am loving the sunshine but boy does it show up the dirt on your
      windows. My window cleaner needs to get his ass around here as soon as possible and give me nice
      sparkly panes of glass again.

5.   Car insurance and house insurance - it goes up every year but I have never made a claim!

6.   People panic buying petrol and diesel. Enough said.

7.   The price increase on stamps. How dare a tiny sticky piece of paper suddenly cost so much more, for
      a Royal Mail service which is so terrible? Does anybody get their post before 10am anymore? No,
      thought not. I am lucky if mine arrives before 12pm. I can remember when your post was delivered
      before 8:30am and then there would be a second lot delivered later on.

8.   Lactic acid. After so much exercise this week my calf muscles are full of the stuff and it hurts!

9.   It seems only the men with either hairy or spotty backs are the ones who take their tops off when we
      have sunshine.

10.  Visible knickers. Whether it's being mooned in the face with a red pair of knickers through a pair of
       transparent leggings or the vision of a thong peeking out above a ladies waistband, it is frightening.
       And it does only seem thongs which appear above your waistband when you bend down so maybe
       you should stick to a more Bridget Jones type of knicker.