Sunday, 29 April 2012

NOT Into This

1.   Seeing children drinking Relentless, Red Bull, Monster Energy etc really worries me. It does seem
      that young kids think it's cool to drink this crap. Now I'm not medically qualified but it doesn't take
      much to realise that these drinks cause more harm than good to youngsters.

2.    People who brag about how fast they can run a race, such as a 5k run or a half marathon but they
       never seek praise for the amount of money they have raised for charity which is really the best

3.    Narcissistic knobheads. It's great when karma gives them their comeuppance.

4.    People who think the word 'bad' means something is actually good. I encountered someone
       saying to me the other day "Oh, that is well bad!"  Yeah righto, you is so 'street', innit!

5.    Low bed frames which stick out; my toes are destined for stubbing hell whenever I am near one of
       these hazardous items of furniture.

6.    Apple Magic Mouse - I am a massive fan of Apple, love every Apple item I have ever owned, except
       the Magic Mouse. Even my children are frustrated with the thing too, so I know it's not just me.

7.    Trying to converse with people who only give you one word answers. Sooo frustrating. I actually
       find these people very rude.

8.    Going into a shop and there is a massive queue to pay because there is only one till open, yet there
       are four members of staff stood chatting next to one of the other tills. Grrr.

9.    In total contrast to No.8, phone shops. Aagh, who on earth teaches these members of staff to pounce
       on you the second you walk into the shop?

10.   People who leave things until the last minute. And I am a sod for doing this - I could iron the shirt I
        want to wear now or leave it till tomorrow morning when I get up late and need to leave the house in
        five minutes.

See you here next week. And a big thank you to Olivia Barnes for her contribution this week.

Teresa x