Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bag Servant - Stylish Bags for the Eco-Warrior

It's that time of week where, once again, our bank cards get ready for a battering. Yep, it's time for the lovely Bag Servant's post! And this time, they're talking eco fashion - STYLISH eco fashion...

Over to Michaela...

If you think that buying 'green' fashion means swaddling yourself in hemp, think again. Following global celebrations of Earth Day over the weekend (http://www.earthday.org/) we are showcasing two of our favourite eco-designers featured on Bag Servant.

Big name luxury brands are coming to the eco-party; producing lust-worthy pieces via sustainable manufacturing practises and with earth-aware materials — meaning you can carry your designer tote or clutch and do something good for the planet.

Stella McCartney is famously known for her vegan standpoint, but there are other designers who are taking her green lead in the fashion world.

Top designers are satisfying our inner label-love and eco-warrior attitude. Everyone wins (except your credit card, perhaps).

Stella McCartney is the queen in making faux-leather lust-worthy. Her chain-edged 'Falabella' tote gets our eco tick of approval in neon-piped snakeskin - you can read about the love we have for this same Falabella Tote in stunning on-trend Summer orange here.

Who can forget the famous 'I'm not a plastic bag' design by eco-Queen Anya Hindmarch which revolutionised the world of eco-fashion? We are loving this gorgeous bright rubber tote in Summer block colours red, orange and pink. The perfect take-it-anywhere bag that would be equally as chic in the city or on the beach. Read about our other love affair with Anya Hindmarch here.