Monday, 16 April 2012

Fabulous Finds - Leghila Bags

I've spent the past hour drooling over this website - that's how much I love it, and that's how much I want to order every single bag on here. In every possible colour way under the sun...

Leghila is an Italian brand which offers you a collection of bags in various shapes and sizes (think oversized clutches, shopper bags, doctor's bags) in an array of colours - there's your traditional colour palettes, like nudes and greys, then there are your more en-vogue shades of neon and pastel.

Words cannot express just how fabulous this site is - just take a look at these pics if you don't believe me!

Sam x

The Case, 44 Euros

The PC Case, from 110 Euros

The Cube Bag, from 115 Euros

The Biz Bag, 150 Euros

The G-Bag, 195 Euros

The F-Bag, 210 Euros