Monday, 23 April 2012

Fashionable AND Stylish Maternity Wear

When I fell pregnant, I panicked a little bit. Actually, make that rather a lot. 

Why? Not because of our impending arrival - the only time I've felt scared about that is when I looked at the list of everything which we needed to buy for him / her! - but because I truly believed I was destined to wear dungarees for nine months.

I was convinced that maternity + fashion simply didn't go together, that they were two distinct, separate quantities that would not and could not mix.

Well, how wrong was I?! Believe me, there IS such a thing as fashionable and stylish maternity wear. Far from trotting down the high street in joggers and a fetching, too-tight "hands off my bump' tee (the look the standard mum-to-be around here seems to aim for), I've actually been able to wear clothes just like I did before. Pastel jeans? Check. Fitted dresses? Check. Denim shirt? Check. Studs, prints and colour? Check, check, check!

For me, the key is accessorising so that you don't lose your natural style. Rock those boyfriend blazers with a maternity dress, dig out your favourite heels (unless you're like me and become so clumsy you're liable to fall flat on your face!) and make the most of your jewellery. Isabella Oliver also do a fantastic maternity skinny belt for accentuating your bump - don't lose yourself in a tent!

Anyway, for those of you who need convincing, I've put together a few boards of some of my favourite maternity items out there, whatever your budget. Many of these items are sitting in my wardrobe right now...others are waiting to be purchased.

Sam x

Stylish Maternity Day Wear

No dungarees here! I've found that because I don't want to spend a fortune on maternity wear, the simpler the better - my wardrobe staples have become vest dresses, jazzed up with oversized blazers, studded slippers and jewellery, ASOS and Topshop jeans in an array of colours (mint green, rose pink and classic grey), my denim shirt and simple, cropped trousers with maternity vests tucked in.

Why not just invest in a couple of pairs of maternity jeans and vest tops and bling them up with your favourite accessories (clutches, jewellery) and jackets? I've also been wearing plenty of oversized tees in my regular size (Wildheart and Zoe Karsen are good for these). Simple!

Tropical floral dress, £25, ASOS
Orange basic vest, £6, Topshop
Floral kaleidoscope vest, £32, Topshop
Studded cream sweater, £38, Topshop
Grey vest dress, £95, Vanessa Knox
Grey skinny Leigh supersoft jeans, £38, Topshop
Leopard print shirt dress, £46, Topshop
Mint green skinny jeans, £32, ASOS
Black vest maxi dress, £18, Dorothy Perkins
Khaki sateen cargo trousers, £95, Isabella Oliver
White midi dress, £30, ASOS
Blue basic vest, £6, Topshop
Floral tee, £22, ASOS
Peach shirt dress, £46, Topshop
Red skinny jeans, £32, ASOS
Green maxi with pockets, 3145, Vanessa Knox
Denim shirt, £34, Topshop
Cargo skinny trousers, £95, Keungzai
Cornflower blue skinnies, £32, ASOS
Blue vest maxi, £99, Isabella Oliver

Work Wear

Since I freelance, this isn't so much of a problem for me. Yet I've had endless pregnant women asking me what to wear in the office.

There are plenty of great basics out there - maternity shirts, cropped black trousers, simple black dresses and trench coats - which you can wear and accessorise so you feel more like yourself, while wrap dresses and pencil skirts are great for big meetings.

I also have the leopard print shift from the fab Zoe Alexander, and not only is it tailor-made to every single pregnant woman (as are all of the company's pieces), but it looks amazing dressed down with my studded cuffs and sunglasses too! I do love my leopard print.

Panther print shirt, £35, ASOS
White belted shirt, £110, Vanessa Knox
Black cropped trousers, £35, ASOS
Black fitted dress, £40, Topshop
Blue sleeveless shirt, £30, Topshop
Black pencil skirt, £25, ASOS
Printed shirt, £377, See by Chloe at Blossom
Black long-sleeve dress, £89, Zoe Alexander
Printed shirt, £95, Keungzai
Red pencil skirt, £15, ASOS
Chiffon smart trouser, £35, Topshop
Red Floria wrap dress, £170, Vanessa Knox
Black skinny treggings, £59, Isabella Oliver
Beige trench, £68, Topshop
Wrap top, £35, ASOS
Leopard print shift dress, £89, Zoe Alexander

Occasion Wear

So, you've got your day-to-day wardrobe sussed, as well as your working wardrobe. But what to wear for a hot date, or a night out with the girls (although we'll have to make mine a cocktail)? Or perhaps, like me, you've got one of your best friend's weddings to attend the day before your due date. EEK!

Again, you can accessorise so that you can stay looking like you. Dig out your favourite heels, team with your snazziest clutch and go! Whether you want something trendy or classic, there are plenty of glam options out there for mums-to-be. Here are some of my faves...
Yellow mini skirt, £28, ASOS
Mink midi dress, £40, ASOS
Black fitted dress, £396, Red by Valentino at Blossom
Printed maxi, £229, Isabella Oliver
Embellished midi dress, £45, ASOS
Leopard print maxi, £109, Zoe Alexander
White draped dress, £165, Keungzai
Black cocktail dress, £139, Isabella Oliver
Pink vest dress, £95, Isabella Oliver
Aubergine drape-back dress, £165, Keungzai
Tropical dress, £468, Just Cavalli at Blossom
One-shoulder dress, £115, Isabella Oliver
Amandine silk printed dress, £325, Vanessa Knox
Black one-shoulder maxi, £189, Isabella Oliver

I also wanted to include a few bits and pieces for New Look because the prices are great and the fit also relatively good, but they don't seem to clip to our mood-boards. So, here they are...

Peach chinos, £16.99
Stripe maxi, £24.99
Turquoise jeans, £19.99