Thursday, 12 April 2012

Product Lust - Vita Bella Anti-Ageing Face Mask

As with so many women before me, pregnancy has really made my skin suffer. Not only have I had the dreaded breakouts, but I've also had to contend with dry patches, oily patches, and grey, lacklustre skin. Generally speaking, I'm not looking my best!

So, given that I was in urgent need of some skin SOS, I was delighted to stumble across a review for the fabulous Vita Bella's Anti-Ageing face mask. I was instantly intrigued by Vita Bella, who specialise in pure, natural skincare.

Wherever possible, I like knowing what I'm slapping on my face, so I was pleased to read that each and every single one of their products is made in the Italian region of Puglia, right down to handpicking the olives or the aloe vera leaves. In fact, the ingredients are processed within just a few hours of them leaving the field to ensure ultimate freshness.

When I first opened the mask, I was a little confused. I had a small bottle of what looked like essential oil, (ingredients include argan oil, aloe vera and wheat germ oil) as well as a tiny white tub with what appeared to be a little tablet inside. Very Alice in Wonderland! But, all you needed to do was pour the oil into the pot, then watch as the mask magically expanded....

Although I did look like the dreaded Scream mask when I was wearing this (no way was I going to post a picture of this one!), it was refreshing to use a face mask which created no mess. Usually I'm left with smears of face mask all around the sink, up my arms, down my nose - everywhere!

Anyway, as instructed, I went and relaxed for ten minutes as this mask worked its magic. My skin did sting a tiny amount at first, but it wasn't unpleasant and soon disappeared. 

I was pleasantly surprised when it came to peeling off the mask. My skin felt a lot smoother and it had a lovely, subtle glow to it - it looked clean, fresh and healthy! It made a great base for make-up as it actually left me with a matte, dewy face for the rest of the day. No oil at all!

I don't have wrinkles just yet, so I'm not sure how well it would treat those. But what I can say is this - it is a wonderful, luxurious treatment which leaves your skin hydrated and looking healthy. It is a lovely treatment mask which I'd recommend to pretty much anyone - just don't let your partner walk in on you wearing it, else he's in for a fright!

A four-pack of the treatment masks costs £59 and is available to order on the Vita Bella website.