Monday, 2 April 2012

Product Lust - Ogario Restore and Shine Hair Masque

We all want long, swishy, glossy hair, right? You know, hair of the Pantene advert variety - the kind that is so dazzlingly shiny and so incredibly luscious that it blinds passers by. 

Well, I'm going to let you into a little secret and share with you a product which has become firmly ensconced in my Haircare Hall of Fame. Ladies (and men), I'd like to introduce you to Ogario London, one of the most genius haircare companies I have ever discovered.

Being wavy and chemically processed, my hair tends towards the dry, frizzy side of things. If I style it properly and look after it properly, then it can look great. But I am on the lazy side of beauty, and usually I don't do anything with it at all, not even blow-dry it. I simply aim for the "I've Just Come From the Beach" look.

So, given that my hair is often in need of some serious TLC, I'm always on the lookout for fantastic hair masques. I need something that moisturises without leaving my hair limp or "sticky" looking - instead, I want glossy, healthy waves.

The Ogario Restore and Shine Hair masque is an incredible product which ticks all these boxes and many, many more. It contains a Protein Protect formula (jam-packed with pro-vitamin B5 and other nourishing proteins), which works together with vitamin-rich avocado oil and Sage and Lavender for healthy, shiny hair. YES, the advert kind of hair!

The masque is an intensive treatment which simply requires you to leave on shampooed, towel-dried hair for ten minutes. This suits me perfectly as it means I can wander off, wash my face, brush my teeth and just generally kickstart my morning! 

It feels very thick on application, but rinses off with ease. Oh, and the results are AMAZING! From the first time I used it, I was left with glossy, manageable locks. They were silky to the touch, nicely wavy and very, very bouncy. In other words, this gave me my dream hair!

Thanks to the gorgeous essential oils, the Restore and Shine masque all smells absolutely and utterly divine. Literally, this smells like heaven (or at least summer) in a pot. Better still, the aroma lingers on my hair all day long!

Ogario are a wonderful, wonderful brand. Their hair salon is based in Islington, London, and they sell some gorgeous treats which are packed with natural ingredients (think plant extracts and natural oils.)

The Ogario Restore and Shine Hair masque costs £26 for a 200ml pot and is available from here - absolutely worth it for a weekly hair treat!

Sam x