Friday, 13 April 2012

Friday's High Street Hitlist

Wow, was it just me or did the past week whizz by? Anyway, it's Friday and it's cold outside, meaning it's time for a weekend of shopping!

Here's our pick of what's new on the high street this week. I especially love Reiss's picks - I want the stroppy wedge sandals right NOW.

Sam x


Zara seems to be all about the accessories this week - barely any new stock seems to have hit the store. Oh well, at least it's safe for my bank account! If I had the legs for them, I'd love these sailor-esque shorts. But, since I don't, the pink sandals will have to do...

Sailor shorts, £22.99
Leather bag with skull studs, £39.99

Basic sandal, £29.99


Oh, how I love the Topshop studded Vectra slippers! I have them in black and nude, and now they've hit stores in white...I need to add these to my collection too. Ultra comfy and ultra cool, they're similar to Louboutin's studded slippers, only a lot lot lot cheaper...
Mint green polka shopper bag, £16

Colour burst skirt, £55
Orange cropped jeans, £30
Vectra studded slippers, £28
Buckle cuff, £10
Spike drop earrings, £12.50


If I weren't pregnant, I'd have ordered this dress in a heartbeat! Yellow is my favourite colour, and I adore leather piping. What could be better?!

Whistles tweed and faux leather dress, £195

Once again, H+M have impressed me with their summer drops from the Conscious Collection this week. The sundress is super pretty and, I would imagine, would look good on most figures. My main complaint is still that their maternity wear has a LOT to answer for...grrr.
Sundress, £19.99

Coral pink top, £14.99
Two pack bracelet, £3.99
Necklace, £6.99
Vest, £7.99


Oasis have some beautiful dresses in stock right now. Whether you want floral prints or simple and chic, they have a dress for you. I love the 50s style midi lengths and fitted waists that they're offering...flattering for pretty much anyone!
Lace Esme dress, £85
Gold zip trouser, £42
Aliza print dress £70
River Island

Just a quickie from River Island today, but I LOVE these diamante cats eye sunglasses!

Cats eye sunnies, £13


Reiss is one of those shops which I dip in and out of. Sometimes I love it, other times I find it a bit 'blah' - you know, a bit too Kate Middleton. Anyway, I'm glad I checked this week because they have some amazing buys! I love shirt dresses (I had a black one which I wore and got repaired until it basically fell apart), and this white one is perfect for the summer. But better still are the rope wedges - HOW cool?!

Hettie fit and flare dress, £159
Bowie printed trousers, £79

Rope wedge, £149

Nude ballerinas, £110


I seem to have a thing for accessories this week! It may be because I'm on the lookout for a new handbag, it may not...but whatever the case, I love this silver shopper bag from Mango.

Shopper bag, £64.99


Warehouse is another store which seems to be producing some great prints at the moment. My picks of the week are this gorgeous maxi (which is actually more of a midi length, but there you go - what do I know) and the capri pants.
Brushstroke maxi, £45
Palm print capris, £42