Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Wedding Reporter - Book Of Love

You have the photos and/or a video but how ace would it be to read all about your wedding in a book?

Samantha and myself both agree if we were getting married again (not to each other) then this is one thing we would definitely ensure was part of our wedding day - The Wedding Reporter.

Images courtesy of Ali Lovegrove Photography

Launched in March 2011 by Emma Woodhouse, The Wedding Reporter "…aims to create literary legacies for discerning couples who wish to have a firsthand, creative non-fiction account of their day. This romantic narrative acts as context to the images and films of a wedding, tying together the aesthetics with traditional storytelling and acute observation."

Image courtesy of Ali Lovegrove Photography

To celebrate a year of documenting weddings from the matrimonial frontline, The Wedding Reporter has launched a newly rebranded website to coincide with the beautiful bespoke hardback books that brides and grooms can now commission for their wedding reports, starting from £35. 

In collaboration with Leah Spicer Creative, the newly rebranded hardback books offer couples the opportunity to have their very own love story published for posterity.

With beautiful typography, bespoke illustrations reflecting details of the wedding and the opportunity to incorporate photos alongside the narrative, published wedding reports offer an ever-lasting way to cherish the wedding day memories.

Creator and director of The Wedding Reporter, Emma Woodhouse adds: “As well as being a beautiful aide-memoir for newlyweds to pass on to future generations, wedding reports are a fantastic gift for parents, bridesmaids and even guests who are unable to attend the wedding for themselves.”

I think a book is the perfect way to remember your special day and I know for definite that any children you may have will LOVE to read it too. My children are always asking to watch our wedding dvd, if only The Wedding Reporter had been around when I got married I would be able to share a great book with them too.

Teresa x