Thursday, 12 April 2012

How to Become a Style Hunter

You may remember us featuring a rather fabulous store called Boticca for one of our Little Black Book pieces last month.  Crammed to bursting with gorgeous jewellery, amazing clutch bags AND scarves with prints to die for, this is one website which you cannot afford to miss out on...

Don't believe me? Just take a look at some of these gorgeous bits and pieces for some inspiration:

Pop-ish and Tough Gold Necklace

Joli Earrings

Tassel bracelets
Jolly and Petite Earrings

If, like me, you've always wondered just how these websites find so many beautiful and unique items, then you're in for a treat. We were lucky enough to grill Philippa Nash, Boticca's very own style-hunter. Just how cool is that for a job title?! I'm beyond jealous.

Here, Philippa lets us in on her style secrets and picks out her favourite pieces on site...


Sam x

Name: Philippa Nash
Age: 24
Job: Style-hunter for

How did you get to be a Style Hunter for Boticca?: It was literally by chance - I came across the ad for the job online! As someone who's been heavily involved in design, having created my own textiles and studied Business and Textiles at University, it was almost a dream come true. I get to come to work and do something that is truly a passion - I have to pinch myself as a reminder that it's actually real and not just a fantasy!

I am so jealous of that job! What's a typical day like for you?: My colleague and fellow style hunter Chiara and I will start the day checking our emails, replying to designers and reviewing potential applications. As we are a curated site, we also spend a lot of time helping designers with their profiles on Boticca, checking they have sufficient pieces and images. It's amazing what a difference having a lifestyle shot (a picture of the piece being worn) can have - crucially, it will be the difference between the customer buying the piece or not!

What's so unique about Boticca?: The most unique thing about Boticca is that it's the only curated online destination for fashion accessories. There are 240 designers from almost 40 countries around the world. Being curated simply means that we are able to be more selective when it comes to designers and the quality of their work.

What are your must-have picks on the site at the moment?: I am in love with Gabriela Ramirez Michel's creations. Based in Guadalajara in Mexico, all her pieces are one-offs, which mean you can wear something truly unique. You can really see her skills as a sculptor shine through her work, such as in the elaborately shaped starry night ring.

Here are some more of her pieces...

Antique gold leaf bracelet 

Lady Hummingbird necklace

I also like the Junkan bag by Kaleido handbags, which was inspired by folding techniques which the designer conceived while on her travels. The amazing thing about this shoulder bag is that it is convertible, meaning that it can be used both as a large bag for the day and a small bag for the evening.

Junkan bag

Finally, Smith Grey's cute little horse stud earrings are just so quirky. The idea of turning everyday objects into traditional pieces really appeals to me. Smith Grey's mission is to use jewellery as a narrative medium to unlock the imagination and awaken curiosity - I think they definitely achieve it!

What are your favourite trends for SS/12?: Although we have to be conscious about trends when style hunting, my own personal style is rarely influenced by trends. One day without noticing it, I'l be quite retro and don my flares, the next I'll be more dressed down-chic in a lace blazer and jeans.

What are your ultimate Desert Island accessories?: Too many to mention - my suitcase would be overflowing! I have two rings that are very precious to me. They are family heirlooms that I couldn't bear to leave behind.

What accessories should every girl own?: A good bag is always essential. Something that is well-made, that will stand the test of time, but is also timeless in its appeal. But I don't think it's about making the same accessories as a must-have for everyone. Often, the fun of an accessory such as a quirky cocktail ring is due to the impracticality of it and also the emotional connection the individual had when they first saw the piece, and still have when they wear it!

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