Sunday, 22 April 2012

NOT into this

It's only right that after a week of telling all you splendid peeps about the fabulous things we love that we  counterbalance it with what's not floating our boat. Here's my weekly round-up of all the things we are NOT into:

1.   The slimy, phlegmy residue left in a vase when you remove some dead flowers. Yuckity yuck!

2.   Bins which have not been emptied. Nothing worse than an overflowing bin of crap.

3.   Referring to London as 'The Smoke.' Sooo NOT into people trying to talk gangster.

4.   Finding a dress that you really, really, really like to then discover they have not got your size and
      they will not be getting any more in. Gutted!

5.   My son Charlie not sharing his Easter eggs with me - how rude?! He's still got five left to eat.

6.   Hollyoaks. Such a ghastly TV show, who watches this fatuous drivel?

7.   Waiters who come and ask if everything is okay with your meal just as you take a mouthful of
      your food.

8.   Bangles - if someone has a clever idea of how to store these chunky objects then please enlighten
      me because at the moment I have a lot of them shoved in a box which I keep under my bed. Not

9.   When someone fills a box of chocolates with wrappers; I need ready access to a Twirl in my tub
      of Cadburys Heroes, not sifting through unwanted wrappers first.

10. Men with weird facial hair, why do they think it's attractive to style pencil thin lines on their face?

Keeping it real

Teresa x