Saturday, 1 September 2012

NOT INTO THIS - What Drives Women Mad But We Still Do It

I think a lot of you are going to be reading through these 10 points today and will be nodding your head in agreement. We all do it, no matter how many times we have done it before and failed miserably.

1.   Painting your nails at the very last minute and then you always smudge them. This sudden task can
      take place just before you go to bed or just as you are walking out the door to go somewhere. Or if 
      you are like me, (banging my head against wall as I type) before you get dressed.

      BUT even when you do make the time to paint your nails when you are not in a rush to be 
      somewhere, I bet you will try to look at your phone or make yourself a drink and by doing so 
      you smudge your nails.

2.   Weigh ourselves too frequently. In fact, weighing ourselves full stop!

3.   Asking other people how old they think we are. Never going to hear what you want to hear.

4.   Trying to apply lipstick when in a moving vehicle. Yeah I curse the local council every time I go 
      over a speed bump.

5.   Take two sizes to the dressing room knowing full well the larger one of the two is going to fit 
      perfectly but you still hope there is always that little chance a miracle may happen.

6.   Starting a diet every Monday. By Wednesday afternoon you are scoffing your way through a pack
      of biscuits.

7.   Keep putting off doing the housework and then somebody rings to say they are popping round in
      five minutes and you frantically clean and tidy your whole house within the limited time. This
      includes having to scream at your husband and children to help tidy up, quick! 

8.   Get sucked in by the assistant on a makeup stand and buy the must-have mascara, the new flawless
      foundation or latest skin care miracle. You get home and soon realise 'shit I've wasted another £60
      on something I never really needed and it isn't different to anything else I've had before.'

9.   Have a dessert after a meal and then hate yourself for the rest of the evening because you've just
      consumed twice your daily allowance of calories.

10. Whenever you are getting ready to go out you are always late because you can never decide on
      what to wear. You try on numerous outfits and end up wearing the first one you tried on. Every


I know I certainly am guilty of trying on endless items of clothes before I go out, my husband tends to hide downstairs out of the way so I don't barrage him with questions. Can't blame him! 

Worst thing is, when I return home after a good night out I cannot get into bed straightaway because it's covered in loads of clothes which need hanging back up!

How many of the 10 points are you guilty of doing?

Teresa x