Saturday, 15 September 2012

10 Style Mistakes Men Make

This week's theme for my NOT Into This post is about some of the fashion faux pas men make. If a man makes any of these fashion crimes it is fair to say us ladies will try our very best to sort out their styling errors but why should we? Come on men, all of you need to pay more attention to your attire.

So men, take note of this list and if you have committed any of these sins then hang your head in shame. You may not agree with some of the ones I have listed or you may have some more to add of your own. Either way, it would seem that some men need a little style guidance.

1.   Collars turned up on polo shirts. This look seems to be adopted by the more arrogant chav. I don't
      know if they think it makes them look more important or simply as a cover to hide any love bites on
      their neck. If it is then wear a scarf or stay indoors until your shag badges have disappeared.

2.    Football shirts. Now I understand men are passionate about the team they support. I get that. I also
       appreciate that these tops are not the cheapest item to buy. But what I will say football shirts are
       only acceptable items to wear during the following occasions -  if you are playing sport, attending a
       football match, or watching a match on tv. And if you are going to wear a football shirt then for
       heaven's sake can you please get one which fits you correctly, which takes me to point no. 3.

3.    Some men have big bellies, whether that be a beer belly or you have eaten too many pies. Please
       can you ensure you go up a size in tops when you put on weight. It is dreadful to see a man
       wearing a tshirt which is too small and shows us everything. Even worse if the tshirt is short in
       length and then we get a glimpse of your hairy belly hanging out beneath the hem of your top.

4.    There's nothing wrong when a man has a buff body, seriously I don't mind. However, can you not
       advertise the fact with one of those awful tshirts which has a low plunging neckline so your shaven
       chest is on show. It's a huge turn-off.

5.    A fake tan is soooo not a good look on a man. A slight hint of colour is acceptable but a full-on
       TOWIE tan is not. The men who opt for this look also tend to wear blingy earrings, a revealing
       tshirt (read point 4) and drive a convertible car. One word - tacky.

6.    When a white shirt has not been washed properly and it is now a greyish dull shirt. It makes your
       whole smart shirt and tie look scummy. If you're going to wear a white shirt make sure it's a crisp

7.    An even worse crime to commit when wearing a shirt for work is to wear a tshirt underneath. You
       know the ones which have print on them and it is clearly visible through your shirt. Soooo not a
       good look!

8.    Men you need to pay more attention when buying your jeans. There are still many of you wearing
       the wrong cut for your shape. Ask for guidance in the shop when buying denim, try on different
       styles and don't be afraid to wear a straight leg instead of a loose fit. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

9.    Tshirts with some sort of smutty message written across the front of them. You might think it's
       funny and makes you look like a comedian but we don't, we think you look like a tw*t.

10.   Teenagers who all dress the same. How many 15-25 year olds have you seen today wearing a
        pair of beige chinos paired with a lame tshirt? This trend has been around for a few years now and
        it doesn't seem to be going away. Please burn your beige chinos!!!

I think this proves my point.

Teresa x