Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Blogger Event at Harvey Nichols in Birmingham


On Saturday I was invited to a bloggers' preview event at Harvey Nichols in Birmingham where I got to taste the delights from the new menu; have an amazing makeover at Sue Devitt; watch a little fashion show of the latest designer items for Autumn/Winter 2012 and get to chat to other bloggers all afternoon. I didn't think I would be so nervous about meeting other bloggers but as I sat with Lisa from Glamour In The County for a quick coffee an hour before, I suddenly started worrying what the others will think of me; stupid I know.

Unwittingly, I had worn a camouflage overshirt but I wasn't sure it was going to help disguise me much under the bright lights of a swanky department store. Thankfully my fears were quickly put to rest within seconds of meeting all the other ladies from StyleGuileLuxxmint, Emily Jayne, Fashion Mommy, Wardrobe Mag and Harvey Nichols. They were very friendly and welcoming but in true Teresa style I sat and nervously chatted their ears off all afternoon.

Now I don't tend to put photos of myself on the blog all too often, mainly because I tend to look nothing like me. I've either got my eyes at half-mast or I look like I am sucking lemons. Whenever there is a camera placed near me I freeze and look very awkward. Fortunately, professional photographer Andy Espin, who took the images on behalf of Harvey Nichols, has managed to get some photos of me looking reasonably acceptable.


After tasting nearly every item on the new menu (seriously you must try the haddock, chips with pea puree, it is divine!) we took a look at some shoes. It wasn't long before I was totally distracted and ogling the Jeffrey Campbell collection. 
Jeffery Campbell
From left to right - Grammer crystal embellished boots, £160Rockaway cut out wedge ankle boots, £100Spike leather boots, £130

Again, being drawn to the studded action I was soon swooning over the Sam Edelman footwear too.
Sam Edelman
And just look at this stunning clutch also by Sam Edelman - magnificent isn't it?
Sam Edelman
Holmby studded leather clutch, £240

Next we went to see the ladies modelling outfits all from the new Autumn/Winter collections and this is where I saw two fantastic outfits.

My two favourite looks were both modelled by Laura. Firstly is this fabulous day look, I don't know why but I really like the Givenchy bag. There cannot be anything more fierce than a tote bag emblazoned with a rottweiler especially when paired with those Jeffrey Campbell boots.
Model Laura wears: Paul Smith Black shirt, £105; Isabel Marant Etoile shorts, £145; McQ scarf, £145; Jeffrey Campbell spike boots, £130; Givenchy bag, £470.
Those mighty fine Jeffrey Campbell spiky boots
The second outfit is a dress by Philip Armstrong which may I add is far more incredible in real life. The lace upper body and neoprene-type skirt is so glamorous; definitely one for twirling around in.
Philip Armstrong dress, £840; Yves Saint Laurent shoes, £620; Givenchy bag, £695

And if you are interested in what I wore, here is a breakdown of my outfit: 

All of these items are still available in the shops, just click on my links above.

I'm eagerly taking notes of all the splendid outfits we see 
Here's a picture of two lovely blogger ladies discussing all of the outfits we saw, Lisa from Glamour in the County and Emily of Emily-Jayne.

After getting to see all the new fashion arrivals it was time for my appointment with the lovely Matthew Lambden at Sue Devitt. I have sat at many make-up counters having my make up done and I can honestly say this was my most enjoyable. It really does make a difference when the make-up artist is so easy to talk to, gives you some great advice and ultimately is brilliant at their profession.

Matthew did my eye makeup using Sue Devitt's new hydrating marine minerals destination eye palette, £31. The intensity of the grey eyeshadow lasted right up until I removed my make-up at bedtime so I will most certainly be buying some. I know it's not the cheapest of eyeshadows but for a palette of 4 shades (white, silver, grey and charcoal) which can withstand the oil slick on my eyelids then its hands down a 'good buy'.

Before I left Harvey Nichols I ventured into the mens department and spied the Christian Louboutin range for men. I was completely bowled over by the range. It's too good for men, I want it! 
My favourite being the Cris case, I don't know what I would use this for but who cares lets just walk around with this gorgeous red-lined arm candy and be happy.

Here's a few images from the window displays at Harvey Nichols, fabulous aren't they?



So to conclude, what have I learnt from attending a blogger's event? 

1.  I shall definitely be going again.
2.  Harvey Nichols is a fantastic store which has everything a fashionista needs.
3.  Meeting other bloggers is ace

and finally…...

DON'T drive there because you will not be able to drink any champagne.

Teresa xx