Saturday, 29 September 2012

10 Things I Hate About Staying in Hotels

Every day of the week I tell you what I AM INTO so once a week it's only right I share all the things I am NOT into. This week I am discussing hotels…..

Eat your heart out Trip Advisor, I am having a mini rant about hotel rooms. Fortunately for me I do not have to stay in hotel rooms every week unlike my sister who travels a lot with her job. I think I would have a nervous breakdown if I had to put up with hotels and their inconveniences.

Here's ten reasons why I dislike hotels:

1.     Why on earth do they position the only mirror in a poorly lit corner of the bedroom resulting in
        you being unable to do your makeup properly?

2.     Plug sockets, another annoying matter. Hotels only provide you with a couple and you have to
        share that with the kettle, phone charger, hairdryer, straighteners, laptop charger and the iron.

3.     For me I expect the same standards at a hotel which I enjoy at home. This would mean I like a
        clean place to retire to. Not one which has remnants of the previous guest, I don't want to see their
        crumbs, nail clippings or hairs.

4.    Unless you are up bright and early (7am) you will miss the best of the breakfast served in the
       morning. If like me, you turn up for your breakfast at peak time then you will have to battle it out
       for the only edible looking sausage and cremated rasher of bacon.

5.    I really, really, really despise those awful coat hangers which have the hooks permanently secured
       on the pole and you have to do some magical manoeuvring to release the hanger.

6.    Noisy neighbours, yeah I think you know what I mean.

7.    I like a good power shower so if the overhead waterfall is more of a dribble then I am not best

8.    The one mirror which you are able to use (in the bathroom) will get steamed up when your
       husband has a shower. You try wiping the condensation away and you are left with a smudgy
       mess on the mirror. And what happens if your husband needs to use that toilet for a number two
       whilst you want to put on your make-up? Air pollution!

9.     I do NOT like it when you have to be left your room by 10am. This is one rule which I will not
        obey. As far as I am concerned I shall leave when I am good and ready and what's the worst thing
        that can happen? Erm, the hotel ask me to leave? Well, I'm going anyway.

10.   My biggest gripe with staying in a hotel is the beds. Why do they tightly fold the top sheet over the
        corners of the mattress? The bedmakers must have a Masters degree in Bedsheet Origami! Every
        time I try to pull out the bedsheets from the bottom corners I end up accidentally punching myself
        in the face.

It would be great to hear your hotel horror stories, drop a comment below.

Teresa x