Saturday, 8 September 2012

NOT INTO THIS - What Annoys Me About Shopping

Who'd have thought it - Me? Annoyed with shopping?

Yes, there are times when little things can really bug me and there have been occasions where I will leave a shop because I am annoyed so much. 

Here's my Top Ten gripes with the high street:

1.   At this time of year when it is hot and sunny the one thing you don't want is to walk into a humid,  
      stuffy shop. Ugh! It seems there are quite a few of the high street stores switching off the air 
      conditioning which means I will walk straight back out. When I come shopping I don't want to 
      sweat buckets and feel very uncomfortable.

2.   I love it when the new stock arrives in the shops but I hate it when they pack so much onto a rail 
      you cannot sift through to find your size and more than likely items will fall onto the floor. 

3.   Coathangers. They are either those wooden slippy ones where the clothes fall off with the slightest 
      touch. OR them horrible plastic things they use for bras and they all get tangled up together. 

4.    There is nothing worse than dirty sweaty changing rooms which are so small you struggle to get 
       undressed without banging your elbow on the wall. It is also quite common to see fluff, dust, dirt, 
       etc accumulating on the floor. Can you please clean them!

5.    Another gripe I have with changing rooms is when there is nowhere to put your own clothes when 
       taking them off. You will have two tiny hooks to hang the clothes you wish to try on and your own 
       clothes. Not practical at all! 

6.     My biggest pet hate is snooty shop assistants who look you up and down as you enter their shop. 
        These pretentious shop assistants will be women who hold their noses up in the air and are not 
        the slightest bit interested in assisting you with whatever you are wishing to purchase. 

7.     I also dislike the complete opposite to snooty shop assistants - the pestering shop assistants. They 
        will pounce within seconds of walking into the shop asking "Hi do you need any help?" to 
        which I politely answer "no thanks" and then seconds later another staff member will come and 
        ask the same question. 

8.     As soon as you go to pay at the till you hear the dreaded question "Would you be interested in
        saving yourself 10% today by getting one of our store cards?" I feel sorry for the shop staff who
        have to ask every single customer this question especially when they know the store card will
        totally screw you over if you are unable to pay in full each month because the interest rates are so
        ruddy high. Needless to say, I have never had a store account card.

9.     If your shop is pumping out techno music at full blast I will not enter your shop. Ever.

10.   I loathe the moment taking a faulty item back to a shop. It only happened to me the other week 
        when I bought a jacket which was faulty so I took it back to swap for another one. The shop 
        assistant pulled a face, then fetched the Manager to get her to check the jacket I was returning was 
        definitely faulty before I was allowed to change it for an identical jacket. 


Have you had any bad shopping experiences? It's a real shame as a consumer we can feel annoyed about the service we receive in a shop. If a shop has excellent customer service then I will always go back to that shop. Good customer service is the key to retaining loyal customers. 

Teresa x

P.S.  Don't even get me started on shops already having Christmas cards and mince pies on display.
         Keep Christmas shopping to November and December. Thank you!