Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Going Hell For Leather

Leather is one massive trend at the moment but are you going to wear it? Or are you simply going to avoid it because you are unsure of how to wear it?

I have been umming and ahhing about it for a few weeks because I can well remember the days of wearing leather in my younger years. It aint the most breathable fabric, that's for sure! But I am desperate to get a pair of leather skinnies because they look brilliant with a good old grungy jumper and a pair of flashy boots. Don't be afraid to search through your boyfriend's wardrobe and borrow one of his knitted jumpers or cardigans.

The trick with leather is to mix it up with texture - wool, silk, print and glitter. If you are not so sure about wearing leather then why not choose an item which has leather panels or trim.

I've created some looks to give you an idea of how to wear this top trend. I have put together some of the best leather luxe items and then what the high street has to offer which is far more kinder to the purse.

Teresa x

             Leather Luxe Look