Monday, 24 September 2012

Fabulous GIVEAWAY - Miners Cosmetics Eyeshadows

Readers, we have a HUGE treat in store for you today! Oh yes, we are giving away these gorgeous NEW eyeshadows by Miners Cosmetics to not just one, but SIX lucky readers.

I have got four trio eyeshadow sets and two pairs of solo eyeshadows all up for grabs. All of these eyeshadows are from the new collection which Miners Cosmetics have just launched and there is an array of superb colours.

Humbug - a contouring collection of charcoals and white.
 Perfect selection of shades to create a gorgeous smokey look.
Goddess - A natural twist on the much coveted smokey look.
Safari - A collection of gorgeous bronze and browns.
Your  go-to shadow for a gorgeous yet natural look.
Stonewashed - is a complimentary collection of blue hues.
THE must-have shade for the up coming season.
Jewel - Deep emerald green shade has golden undertones
making it a gorgeous twist on a smokey charcoal.
Luna - a classic white shimmer. 
Nautical - This matte, navy shade is perfect
to create a bold yet sleek look.
Stardust - Stunning gold shimmer, the perfect base
shade as well as an eye highlighter.

To win, all you need to do is:

1.  LIKE our Facebook page
2.  Then write a comment below leaving us a way to contact you if you are lucky enough to win.

You have until this Sunday 30th September to enter and I will be announcing the winner next Monday 1st October 2012.

Good luck!

Teresa x