Saturday, 1 September 2012

Cambridge Satchel Company starring…….

Today is an extra post because yesterday I received a lovely email from Julie Deane (owner) of The Cambridge Satchel Company giving me a sneak peek of an advertisement ahead of it going out today.

Google Chrome had recently selected The Cambridge Satchel Company to star in their new advert which airs for the first time later today and shall be promoted extensively in digital media, TV and cinema. The advert demonstrates the power of the internet and the incredible story of how Julie Deane started The Cambridge Satchel Company.

Julie started The Cambridge Satchel Company at her kitchen table in 2008 with just £600. The inspiration for the company came from Julie’s love of an old satchel she had as a child and her desire to find a similar version for her own children when they started school. When Julie discovered no one was producing traditional leather satchels she set about designing and producing them. Since then she has sold them online and created a global fashion craze.

The 60 second advert tracks Julie’s business journey from sourcing UK manufacturers, to liaising with top fashion editors and engaging with big name celebrities who have since become both fans and advocates of the brand.

Click on the frame below to watch…..

I am very fortunate to have met Julie, her mother Freda, the whole team of staff and of course, Rupert
the dog (love him!) when I visited their office in a village just outside Cambridge. It's an amazing company with an amazing story.

The quirky, colourful leather satchels, modelled on the 1970s original, are now sold in more than 100 countries, including outlets across the UK and around the world. Their turnover is heading towards £10m this year. The bags have been carried by everyone from Zooey Deschanel and Alexa Chung to Daniel Radcliffe and Russell Kane, and even the cast and crew of Mad Men. They have also featured on Gossip Girl.

The brand continues to collaborate with prestigious designers and retailers including Comme des Garcons and Christopher Shannon, further securing its role and international acclaim as the ‘Brit “it” Bag’. All of which leaves you thinking, what will The Cambridge Satchel Company be doing next?

Have a great weekend

Teresa xx