Monday, 20 February 2012

Why Dress Sizes are Rubbish...

I don't know about you, but I've started to come home from shopping trips in a serial grump. In fact, I have been known to leave stores in tears, or even murderous, venomous moods. I scowl, I sulk and I take it all out on my poor hubby when I get home. Spare a thought for the poor lamb...

Why? Well, it's not because there's a lack of pretty clothes in store (unfortunately, this never happens!). Instead, it's simply because I do not know what size I am. Does anyone, really and truly?

For the logical person, this would help you to realise that dress sizes are, actually, somewhat stupid. Rubbish even. Just something the shops make up to suit them...but to me, it is a source of constant stress.

In most shops, I am a size 10. Fairly normal, fairly average, fairly dull. You'd think it would be easy to find clothes to fit properly, right? But no, life in high street world is never, ever easy!

For me, H+M are the worst culprits, and I often find myself completely avoiding the shop for just that reason. I can be anything from a size 8 to (seriously) a size 14. Once, a size 16 even strained across my chest...ridiculous, right?

On the other hand, I am always a size 8 in GAP - the best shop for a mood boost! This is the one store where I always leave with a grin, never ready to burst into tears at the tags attached to my clothing.

But, really, how can sizing be so different, so depressing and so bloody ridiculous? Am I the only one who has these struggles? It gets to the point where my shoulders and entire body ache because I have to take so many different sizes with me into the changing rooms!

Anyway, for anyone who is a clothing freak like me, I have discovered a brilliant website ( which does all the hard work for you. All you need to do is tap in your measurements to find out which size you are in each shop!

It is a genius invention, especially good for the online shoppers out there. But it will also make you laugh! Again, my average size came out as a 10. But in Dorothy Perkins, my waist measured up as a size 6, my hips as a can this be?!

It's definitely worth a look, if only to make you realise that size means NOTHING! Why are we all such a slave to something so meaningless, so pointless and so utterly rubbish? So, join me in cutting out your size tags and embracing your body for what it really is.

Sam x