Friday, 10 February 2012

Perfect Purse

Does anybody else struggle to find the perfect purse? Because I certainly do. I am currently looking to buy a new purse but I cannot seem to find anything suitable. When will shops provide something which is practical and looks cool?

All the purses which are fit for purpose, (credit card slots, change compartment and a pound notes compartment) are either too big or they look like something my mother used during the 80s which can hold up to £100 in pound coins. A proper mummy purse.

I like the cute coin purses with a clasp but what use are they to me? I cannot get my library card, driving licence, credit card and money in one of those. Cute coin purses are for little girls when they are going to the corner shop to spend their tooth fairy money on some sweets.

And what's with shops not considering the practicality of purses? Firstly there is no point in producing a purse in a white or cream colour. They are handled daily and permanently sit in a handbag amongst make up, phone, keys and any other crap that makes it way into the depths of my handbag. A pale colour will soon become discoloured and look grubby. So pretty much pointless in buying one in that colour.

All I want is a purse which is not the size of a football pitch or too small it's used by the Borrowers and it is of normal size with the right compartments.

I have been looking around at many purses and I am still not overstruck on any of them. I am quite liking the Mulberry Harriet purse but I cannot spend £280 on a purse because then I won't have any money left to put in it.

Purse Perfect
Mulberry Harriet continental wallet  £280
Aspinal of London zip wallet  £99

Mimco fortune framed wallet  £89
DKNY Large flap over purse  £75

Whistles Floretta purse  £95
Biba large zip around purse  £99
Pied a Terre Flap over french purse  £56
Asos Leather Metallic Zip Top Front Pocket Purse  £15

Please help me find a good looking purse which any woman will be proud to pull out of her handbag.

Many thanks

Teresa x