Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wedding Rings

Choosing your wedding ring can be one of the most difficult decisions to make because it is something you are going to wear for the rest of your life and it has to suit perfectly with your engagement ring.

There is so much choice out there and the price can vary greatly and there is every type of metal, from platinum to palladium. So, where do you start?

Traditionally many people wear a nice simple band which is ideal for never going out of fashion. Simple can be the best option. But what if you are like me and you wanted something a bit different?

Every jeweller I visited advised that I should have a wedding band which was shaped to fit around my marquis-cut diamond engagement ring. I didn't want this, at all. Many jewellers thought I was rather strange because I was adamant I wanted something I liked, rather than just a ring to sit comfortably underneath.

I also wanted diamonds going all the way around. This was also met with a degree of objection because as your fingers change with age, then your wedding ring will need altering in size. If you have diamonds going all the way around, this cannot be done.

I considered this but then I thought, well my Mum wears a different wedding ring to what she had back in 1969. Her original wedding ring had lost the pretty etched pattern, so my father thought it would be nice to buy her a new one. So with this in mind, I thought - I can have a new one if my wedding ring no longer fits me as well!

I have been looking at different types of wedding rings which you will not find in your classic high street jewellery shop, all to give you brides-to-be a taste of something a bit more extraordinary.

I am really drawn to the slimmer ring, more delicate and elegant. Oh, how I wish I had nice slender fingers so I could wear something as pretty as these. Thank goodness for stacker rings (nearest thing I can get) which don't make my fingers look like fat sausages.
Wedding Rings

I have got bit of a thing about black diamonds and here are some beauties!  In fact, all of these rings are pretty darn cool.
Wedding Rings

And finally if you want to be a bit more individual then why not go all out and get yourself a ring far more unusual for your wedding day. I would love to wear a feather ring.
Rings To Inspire

Yes these are some crazy ass rings, but who cares? You can wear what you want to wear, we're not all going to flick through an Argos catalogue for inspiration.

Teresa x