Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Botox. Would you? Have You?

Do you ever look in the mirror and think "I wish I looked 10 years younger?"

Couple of weeks ago, Samantha and I both mentioned how we felt regarding the pressure to be perfect and as much as we can promote self-confidence and to hell with the media and the insecurities they create for us ageing folk, we all know there will be an occasion where you will think about the B word.

To Botox or not to Botox?

We would like to hear if you have ever considered going under the syringe or have in fact taken the plunge. Is Botox the answer to all our prayers?

It would be great to hear all of your views on this subject and how far you would go given the chance or a blank cheque.

Drop us a line below, anonymous if you so wish.

Teresa x

P.S.  And if you have any tips for how we can prevent the ageing process in a non-surgical manner then please tell us those too!