Thursday, 2 February 2012

Red Hot Lips - MAC Cockney

mac red lipstick

Believe it or not, I used to be a punk. Yes, you read that right…a punk.

Most people are shocked when I tell them this. They can’t quite comprehend that I, a girly girl with hundreds of shoes and pretty summer dresses, used to wear battered fishnets, holey converse and studded belts.

Once, I even attempted a Mohican. It was not a good look, but what could you expect from a girl whose favourite band was called Leftover Crack?

Anyway, my love for punk music left me with a penchant for eyeliner. Lashings and lashings of eyeliner. I like the way that it toughens up any look. Plus, the messier and smudgier it is, the better!

So, imagine my surprise when this week, I ditched the eyeliner in favour of bright red lippy and tousled hair.

I was having a make-up clear out when I discovered an old tube of MAC’s Cockney red. Something made me try it on, and now I am addicted! I have applied it with my finger-tips to achieve a slightly less intense look – but when I’m used to it, I’ll be going all out…

Consider me converted.

Sam x

P.S Please ignore the messy 'close-up'...I don't own a lipstick brush, so precision isn't my strongest point!

red lips

mac cockney