Sunday, 19 February 2012

NOT Into This

Here's our weekly round up of all the things which we feel the need to rant about this week.

We are soooo NOT into:

1.    The phrase 'my bad' drives me nuts. It makes me roll my eyes and want to slap the person who said  
        it...until they can no longer say 'my bad'.

2.    And people who choose to put teabags in the sink instead of on the little dishy thing provided or in    
       the bin. Seriously. WTF? (I heart me some text speak).

3.    Reem. Well Jel.

4.    Putting quilt covers on. Every week I have the dreadful task of putting the quilt cover on and I hate
       it with a passion. I would happily pay someone to do it for me.

5.    Chris Brown. How this man had the audacity to tweet what he did earlier this week is beyond me. 

6.    Junk Bags. It's not just junk mail and endless amounts of fast food takeaway menus pushed through  
       my letter box anymore. No, now I have to contend with at least one 'charity' bag everyday. I use the 
       word charity lightly because half of these rolled up binliners are actually for fake charities. I find it 
       disgusting that there are people out there who are imitating a charity and stealing the possible
       income for much needed causes.

7.    Voice activated menu options when you telephone certain companies. Feel a right berk talking to a 
       machine. What's wrong with having a switchboard? 

8.    Sponsorship forms. Nowadays everyone is doing some type of challenge which needs sponsoring
       and I feel a right meanie if I don't make some sort of contribution but all these sponsored events are
       going to make me bankrupt. Oh and I am far more likely to sponsor you if you are doing something
       which actually IS a challenge.

9.    Self-service tills at supermarkets. My item IS in the bagging area.

10.  February. Apart from Shrove Tuesday, we are OVER it. Give us spring time now!

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

This week's NOT Into This contributor is Miss Becca Evans of Bewitched by Words.  Thank you Becca.

And remember, please tell us what you are NOT into and we may feature your moans on next week's article.

Teresa x