Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Fabulous Finds - H+M Colourful Homeware

Finally - FINALLY! - it's getting to that time of year where everyone is beginning to ditch the black and grey and embrace colour.

Gone are the dreary winter woolies, and gone soon (we hope) will be the grim, grey skies. In fact, if you take a look, colour is everywhere right now - in your garden, in the shops. This year, it's even in peoples' hair!

If, like us, you are wanting a colourful home too, we've found these fantastic buys from H+M. I love how fresh and energising they look - they put a real smile on my face. Plus, some of the buys also happen to be in Teresa's favourite chevron print.

Perfect for pepping up bathrooms which, let's face it, tend to be the dullest of all rooms, these are guaranteed to inject a a shot of colour into your home.


Sam x
H+M bath mat and towel
Shower mat, £6.99

Colourful candles, £4.99 each

Fruits towels

Lemon towel, £6.99