Monday, 13 February 2012

Romance and Memories

For the past week or so, Samantha and I have been 'umming' and 'ahhing' over what we should write about for Valentine's Day. Mainly because neither of us are into the commercially-hyped, meaningless nonsense that it has become.

I'm aware that this makes us sound like the equivalent of Valentine's Day Scrooges, but fear not! We're not all that bad...

Instead, we believe in being romantic as many times a year as possible - we don't think that you should save it up specifically for February 14th. And what's romantic about a bloody Valentine's card anyway? To us, nothing exudes romance more than a love note hidden in your packed lunch for work, or a text from your other half saying "Just thinking about how much I love you!" Now that's what makes the world go round.

I also believe Valentine's Day shouldn't just be the time when we show our love for our partners. We should be celebrating our happiness and love with our children, our family and friends - even your favourite chocolate bar! (Mine's a Double Decker, for anyone who's asking...)

Regardless of our feelings for V-Day though, there is one thing that gets us both all mushy inside - and that is old couples. Does anyone else go gooey every time they see an old couple smiling at one another, or dancing together? It makes me go 'ahhhh!'

I think that true romance - real romance - is at its best when you listen to a couple who have been married for 50+ years. The respect and love they show for one another is incomparable. And there is nothing sweeter than seeing an elderly couple holding hands. It makes my heart melt every time.

Anyway, I have been digging into the family archives and have found some photos and postcards which were sent from grandparents and great grandparents during World Wars One and Two.

grandparents, memories

wartime romance
romance, wartime

wartime romance
old birthday card

Some of the feelings expressed in some the messages from these incredibly brave men at war have had me in tears.

One grandparent wrote: "My heart is near breaking point and all I can do is hope. Hoping is all I have." And every single postcard and birthday card is started off with the words "To My Darling....." and they all mention how fond of each other they are.

If only we all wrote to our loved ones the same way as they did back then.

I cannot imagine how it must have felt at Christmas time during the war and receiving this from your beloved:

valentine card, memories

 I think we can all learn something from our older generation. They didn't need a dozen red roses, a fancy meal or a Valentine's Day card to express their love. They just used words. Heartfelt words.

And as I said, who says sharing your heart has to be with just your other half? I found this message etched into the frost on my car bonnet by my son Max. (apologies for the picture quality).

writing in ice

Proper Melt Your Heart Stuff

Teresa xx