Monday, 20 February 2012

Product Lust - Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask

Here at I Am Into This, we aren't ones for messing about. We like to speak our minds and tell it how it is - and if we can do this while making you laugh, then all the better!

This is why I was so thrilled when Rodial sent Teresa some of their genius Glamoxy Snake Mask over for her to try. Just wait til you see the pics...

If you haven't heard of Rodial before, then they are a brilliant, high-end beauty company with a huge celeb following. They may be expensive, but boy do the products work!

Anyway, I first discovered this product last year, and it fast become one of my 'cult' beauty products. Not just because it really works, but because of how it looks. You really and truly look like you should be in the army, or deep down in a coal mine.

The first time I applied it, I was taking a lovely, relaxing bath. Hubby walked in with a cup of tea for me and nearly fainted. It really is that scary to look at! Just take a look at how fab we look...

For those of you can happily join Teresa and I in looking like a fool, this mask is definitely worth the investment. It is one of those brilliant "peel-off" masks which, while being kinda disgusting, is also kinda fascinating (does anyone else obsess over the size of their pores on these things? Nope, just me...)

The mask aims to boost the radiance of your skin, all while helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Containing liquorice to brighten, it works a treat in giving you a gorgeous, healthy glow. Not only that, but it also leaves my skin feeling so baby soft that I can't help but repeatedly stroke it!

Enriched minerals also work together to give you a lovely deep cleanse, purifying pores and removing excess oil and dirt. Great for someone like me who has an oil rig for a face!

So, does it work? YES!! Really, really, yes.

I'm lucky enough to not have too many wrinkles or fine lines just yet. But I do have some gorgeous frown lines on my forehead which really, really bug me. After I tested this mask out with Teresa, I say there frowning at my mirror (as you do!) and they really, genuinely were blurred. Only temporarily mind, but a lot better than Botox...

It also comes in a black, sleek looking tube which I am more than happy to have sitting pretty on my bathroom shelf.

The Rodial mask isn't cheap at £68, but is brilliant at airbrushing those fine lines and wrinkles before a big night out, or a special occasion. If you're interested in trying it out, then definitely sign up to their site because, every now and again, they email with some fantastic offers (I think I remember getting this mask at 75% off!). It's worth a go, right?!

Sam x