Sunday, 12 February 2012

NOT into this

1. Central heating wreaking havoc with my skin. What's with that? And don't get me started on how much my next gas bill is going to be. It is a major grievance knowing I am paying all this money to
keep warm and wreck my skin.

2. Misspelt words. In newspapers, on TV, on items in shops, shop signs and restaurant menus. What
happened to proofreading?

3. Dirty black snow. It looks so pretty when it's freshly fallen, but just a few hours later and YUCK. An
eyesore on our public roads.

4. Plastic bags provided to carry flowers in from the supermarket. Weird shape and impossible to carry
if you hold the bag handles. Same goes for the skinny bags used to carry wrapping paper in from card shops.

5. I am not into myself right now. I watched Madonna perform half-time during Superbowl final. She is
53 years of age! Old enough to be my mother yet she is unbelievably fitter than me. Not fair.

6. Male nail varnish is apparently taking the world by storm (see here). REALLY? Unless you are
Johnny Depp...well, no, just no. And even then, we are only choosing to forgive him because he's
extraordinarily beautiful.

7. Copycats. We've had someone this week pretty much copy our every move...we're trying to take it as
flattery, we really and truly are, but can't people think for themselves?! Use your imagination!

8. The word EPIC. Hate it. And for some stupid reason, the word 'epic' seems to be a buzzword and gets used everyday by the media.

9. Text Speak. If you write in this childish abbreviated form then please do not expect me to reply with
a LOL, OMG or WTF. It ain't gonna happen.

10. Half-term. Children have only just gone back to bloody school and they're off for a week so soon -
again! And then children have the audacity to moan about having to go school.

And remember, anything which has been annoying you then please share your moans with us. All good rants will be shared in our next 'NOT into this' post.

Teresa x